Language Consult

Translation, editing, proofreading and interpretation


Language Consult is a full-service translation business, equipped to provide translation and interpretation services from Danish into English and from English into Danish.

Language Consult was established in 1994 by state-authorised translator and interpreter, Anette Vestergaard Christensen.

Language Consult is a provider of professional translation and interpretation services.

Language Consult comes in when you need a document to be translated from English into Danish or from Danish into English. Moreover, our range of services covers language revision and editing, simultaneous/consecutive interpretation and proofreading within a wide range of subject areas.

Nowadays, various standards for translation have been adopted at international level. That is why all our translation carries the mark of quality: Certified / State-authorised translation.

We make sure that every translation is adjusted to the needs of the client, taking into consideration any specific requirements in relation to terminology and corporate language. To achieve the best results, we need as much information as possible.

Confidentiality is of paramount importance at all levels.


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